Development Co-operation Report 2000

Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Committee

image of Development Co-operation Report 2000

One person in five across the globe still lives on less than $1 a day despite the economic boom or rapid growth in many parts of the world. The commitment to halve world poverty, embodied in the international development goals, is now the shared priority of international development co-operation, and the guiding theme of this year's Development Co-operation Report. This year's Report reviews recent progress towards the goals, trends in development finance, and the efforts and policies of aid donors. There is a special focus on two policy measures with a strong potential to reduce poverty: investment in health and attention to gender equality and mainstreaming. Achieving the international development goals remains a challenge. But the success of some countries can serve as a model for others. Partnerships are vital - between developing and developed countries; among governments, civil society and the private sector; and among international organisations. Partnership means sharing responsibility for achieving goals which have received unprecedented international endorsement, and working together towards a world free of poverty and the misery it brings. Whether globalisation promotes integration or exclusion, co-operation or confrontation, depends on the capacity of the world community to manage and guide change. Success will depend on stronger voices and choices for poor women, men and children; on economic growth and stability; on basic social services for all, including basic education and health care; on adequate and well-directed development resources.

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Development Co-operation Report 2000 (Summary in Spanish) / Development Co-operation Report 2000 (Summary in Spanish)


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