ODA commitments

This dataset comprises statistics on ODA commitments which are firms written obligation by government or official agency, backed by the appropriation or availability of the necessary funds, to provide resources of a specified amount under specified financial terms and conditions and for specified purposes for the benefit of a recipient country or a multilateral agency.Commitments are considered to be made at the date a loan or grant agreement is signed or the obligation is otherwise made known to the recipient (e.g. in the case of budgetary allocations to overseas territories, the final vote of the budget should be taken as the date of commitment). This comparative table is broken down by recipients, aid type (grants, capital subscriptions, total commitments, associated financing, technical cooperation), amount type and donor country. Data are available starting from 1966 onwards.

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Keywords: aid type, associated financing, recipient, loans, donor, technical cooperation, grants, long-term capital, ODA commitments, statistics, capital subscriptions