Creditor Reporting System 2009

Aid activities in support of agriculture

image of Creditor Reporting System 2009
This publication presents comprehensive statistics on aid flows to agriculture. The analysis covers the years 2002-2007, including trends in donors’ aid, geographical focus of flows, and a broader picture of donors’ short and long term interventions to address food security issues. Individual donor profiles provide summary statistics in the form of charts and tables. 

The publication also records the relevant aid activities reported by DAC members and multilateral institutions to the CRS Aid Activity database (Creditor Reporting System) in 2007.  The information is based on individual commitments and disbursements of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to agriculture. 

Data presented are unique, comparable and consistent with definitions and methodologies of DAC statistics. The information is designed to meet  the needs of development agencies and institutions for information relevant to programming and analysis by country and by sector.  

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Basic aspects of the CRS Aid Activity database

The CRS Aid Activity database includes data on Official Development Assistance (ODA), and other official flows to developing countries. The CRS was established in 1967, jointly by the OECD and the World Bank, with the aim of “supplying the participants with a regular flow of data on indebtedness and capital flows”. Calculating capital flows and debt stock remain key functions of the system, but others have evolved in the course of years. In particular, the CRS aid activity database has become the internationally recognised source of data on the geographical and sectoral breakdown of aid and is widely used by governments, organisations and researchers active in the field of development. For DAC members the CRS serves as a tool for monitoring specific policy issues, supplementing the information collected at the aggregate level in the annual DAC Statistics.

English, French

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