Can we still Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

From Costs to Policies

image of Can we still Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

This study contributes to the current debate on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), their relevance and what can be done after 2015, by looking at estimates of the cost of reaching the goals in 2015. In particular, it sizes the additional resources needed in developing countries to attain the goals.

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What strategies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

OECD Development Centre

Upper-middle-income countries (annual income per capita just above above USD 4 000) should succeed in meeting the MDGs using their domestic resources, through targeted cash transfers and expenditure programmes addressing poverty, education and health. In low-income and lower-middleincome countries (annual income per capita roughly below USD 4 000), it is important to pursue institutional reforms to enhance tax collection in order to ensure adequate financing for the MDGs. In low-income countries (annual income per capita below approximately USD 1 000), the incremental cost of meeting the Millennium goals is close to country programmable aid currently being spent globally. Now more than ever, private voluntary donations, cooperation mechanisms with emerging countries, migrant remittances and private capital flows will be required to complement aid. In developing countries, the challenge is twofold: first, to adapt national development strategies to ensure that these various flows contribute to inclusive growth, job creation and social development; second, to implement reforms to improve the quality of public expenditure. As for advanced economies, they are now obligated to improve aid effectiveness and to adopt policies that are more coherent for development.

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