Can we still Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

From Costs to Policies

image of Can we still Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

This study contributes to the current debate on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), their relevance and what can be done after 2015, by looking at estimates of the cost of reaching the goals in 2015. In particular, it sizes the additional resources needed in developing countries to attain the goals.

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OECD Development Centre

The biggest gathering of world leaders ever assembled occurred in New York in 2000 to set eight broad, time-bound and quantified targets to beat extreme poverty, now known around the globe as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With three years to go until the 2015 deadline to meet the MDGs, the question of how much it will cost and who will pay for one of the biggest campaigns ever launched by the international community is returning to everyone’s lips.

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