African Economic Outlook 2012

Promoting Youth Employment

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This 11th edition of the African Economic Outlook reviews recent economic, social and political developments and the short-term likely evolutions of 53 African countries. This year’s edition will for the first time cover Eritrea and South Sudan. The focus of the 2012 AEO is the promotion of youth employment in Africa, presenting a comprehensive review of both challenges and opportunities Africa faces in providing its young population with sufficient and decent jobs.

Full-length country notes are available on www.africaneconomicoutlook.org


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OECD Development Centre

The economy of Cameroon should continue to progress in 2012, when it is expected to show growth of 4.4% compared to 4.1% in 2011. At sector level, the outlook for 2012-13 indicates that the primary sector will show 5% growth, thanks to average growth of 5% in the food-crop sub-sector and 5.7% in the cash-crop sub-sector. The secondary sector is expected to grow 1.4% over the same period, driven by the construction industry, better energy supply and higher production in the food-processing and manufacturing industries. The tertiary sector should progress 3.7%, thanks notably to buoyant conditions in transport and telecommunications.

English Also available in: French

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