African Economic Outlook 2006

image of African Economic Outlook 2006

This fact-filled reference book brings the reader the latest available economic information for most of the economies of Africa.  Drawing on the expertise of both the African Development Bank and the OECD, it opens with an overview that examines the international environment, macroeconomic performance, progress towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals, and governance and political issues.  This edition includes a special section on transport infrastructure issues.  The second part provides individual country reports for 30 countries.  Each country report provides an assessment of recent economic performance, projections for 2006 and 2007, an examination of structural issues, and a discussion of the political and social context.  The statistical annex presents 23 tables comparing economic and social variables across all the countries of Africa.

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Congo Dem. Rep.

OECD Development Centre

After several years of war and political instability, the challenges with which the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is confronted are manifest. As is generally the case in post-conflict situations, reconstruction, rehabilitation and resumption of the functioning of the wider economy require a very great number of reforms, colossal financial resources and the establishment of transparent management systems and good governance. At the same time, lobbies and political pressure groups are still very much present.

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