Achieving Financial Stability in Asia

OECD Development Centre

Achieving Financial Stability in Asia sets out to identify the elements which could restore confidence to the countries of the region and stabilise financial flows on a global basis. Thus, measures must be taken which include improving public and corporate governance, strengthening democracy and improving the efficiency of regulatory institutions. At the same time, emerging economies ought to be given a greater measure of participation in international regulatory bodies, so that any solutions proposed to dampen the volatility of financial flows might take their interests and opinions into account. This book reflects the contributions to the fifth edition of the International Forum on Asian Perspectives, which was held in Paris in June 1999. The Forum was created by the Asian Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre as an annual meeting place of ideas and strategies from Asian countries and from the OECD region. The aim of the Forum is to create an area where the knowledge bases of the partners can be combined to exploit their specific advantages in the search for solutions to the economic problems of Asia. The Forum also includes an open meeting where these ideas can be tested in front of a wide audience of people from the worlds of politics, administration, academia, the media and business.

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