Accountable Government in Africa

Perspectives from Public Law and Political Studies

image of Accountable Government in Africa
A number of leading experts in the fields of public law, political science and democratization studies contributed to this book to identify ways of making African governments accountable and describe the extent to which these mechanisms work in practice. It presents new knowledge about legal and political developments in a number of African countries that are relevant to the policy goal of developing and deepening democratic governance and accountable government on the continent. This book is of interest to academics, students and practitioners in the fields of public law, public administration, political studies and African studies.



Democracy within political parties: The state of affairs in East and Southern Africa

Today’s representative democracy requires intermediary actors between the state and society as well as institutional mechanisms for the articulation of diverse views and policy preferences. Although there are a number of intermediaries that claim to connect the people to the state, it is becoming increasingly axiomatic that political parties are indispensable in contemporary democracies. Indeed, as Heywood (2002:73) has argued, political parties are ‘so fundamental to the operation of modern politics that their role and significance are often taken for granted’.


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