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  • Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the French Republic in May 2017. His party, la République en Marche, has a comfortable majority in the National Assembly, placing it in a strong position for pushing through social and economic reforms. On the international stage, President Macron styles himself as a leader in the fight against climate change, advocating for accession by all nations to the Paris Agreement on climate change. He also sees himself as a driving force behind the revival of Franco-German relations and European integration. The next presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in 2022.

  • France is a leading player on the global stage in promoting international stability. Since 2015, the country has been spearheading efforts to promote, implement and encourage accession to the Paris Climate Agreement, and consistently prioritises climate change financing. In the economic field, France has made progress in the fight against corruption and illicit capital flows. It has designed successful and innovative development financing mechanisms and now has a wide range of instruments to support its co-operation. Despite successive falls in its official development assistance (ODA) since the last review, it committed in 2017 to a steady increase to bring its ODA to 0.55% of its gross national income by 2022.