Guidelines for Exporters of Bananas to Selected EC Markets

image of Guidelines for Exporters of Bananas to Selected EC Markets
These guidelines are designed to provide banana exporters with practical, market oriented information on how to place their product into selected markets in the European Union (EC).

Eight principle European markets are detailed within these guidelines:

• The United Kingdom (UK)

• France

• Germany

• Italy

• Greece

• Denmark

• The Netherlands

• Belgium

The information presented in this booklet provides hard facts in an easyreference format, to help anyone in the banana export business, or wishing to enter it, to research the markets and make contact with potential buyers.




France is a major European banana market, although per capita consumption of bananas is not as high as in Scandinavia or Germany. French consumers have high income levels and are increasingly health and fitness conscious, particularly younger people who are attracted to the easy peel, nutritious and convenient characteristics of bananas. Banana pulp has also become an important additive to dairy products, particularly yoghurt, in France.


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