Guidelines for Exporters of Bananas to Selected EC Markets

image of Guidelines for Exporters of Bananas to Selected EC Markets
These guidelines are designed to provide banana exporters with practical, market oriented information on how to place their product into selected markets in the European Union (EC).

Eight principle European markets are detailed within these guidelines:

• The United Kingdom (UK)

• France

• Germany

• Italy

• Greece

• Denmark

• The Netherlands

• Belgium

The information presented in this booklet provides hard facts in an easyreference format, to help anyone in the banana export business, or wishing to enter it, to research the markets and make contact with potential buyers.




Denmark is an important EC banana market for Commonwealth producers because it provides access to the Scandinavian market which, including Denmark, is the fastest growing banana market in Europe. Through Denmark, producers can access the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets which have the highest per capita consumption of bananas in Western Europe, significantly higher than in Southern Europe and higher than in Germany. The significant increase in consumption of bananas in these countries, including Denmark, is mainly because of a major shift towards foods which are perceived to be healthy.


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