Commonwealth Businesswomen

Trade Matters, Best Practices & Success Stories

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Globalisation and trade liberalisation are posing a number of challenges – as well as creating new opportunities – for the many women entrepreneurs throughout the Commonwealth. Since women-owned businesses play a key role in national economic growth, it is important to ensure that the policy environment, infrastructure and support mechanism for businesses are accessible to them and meet their needs. This book offers a number of case studies which address issues traditionally seen as problems for businesswomen: access to credit, information, technology and markets, and equity issues. These are followed by a compilation of best practices: more than thirty stories from around the Commonwealth showing how, while developing successful businesses, women entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to integrate social issues and structures as well as to network and build cross-sectoral alliances. The book also provides an overview of World Trade Organization agreements and looks at the workings of the International Monetary Fund.



Key Issues Affecting Women-owned SMEs: Case Studies

The case studies in this chapter look at how selected women's businesses and organisations from all over the Commonwealth have addressed some of the key issues that women entrepreneurs have identified as challenges that they face. The studies have been divided into six sections (access to finance, access to markets, access to information and training, access to policy-making, access to technology and equity issues). However, this division is something of a false one since there is obviously a great deal of overlap between them.


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