An Agenda for the Development Round of Trade Negotiations in the Aftermath of Cancun

image of An Agenda for the Development Round of Trade Negotiations in the Aftermath of Cancun
This Commonwealth report presents the pro-development priorities that it recommends should form the core of the Doha Round agreements and sets out the key steps required for a true development round agenda.

In the aftermath of the failure of Cancun, there is a need to reassess the direction of global trade negotiations. This book argues that the Doha Round agenda was set by the special interests of advanced industrial countries to serve their own needs.

The report takes a step back from the disputes and presents an alternative way forward for the Doha Round of trade negotiations, approaching the issues with a fresh eye.

The authors call for a fundamental reform of the agenda and negotiating process which they see as a requirement if the Doha Round is to deliver on its promise to bring widespread benefits to developing countries.



Institutional Reforms

There is widespread dissatisfaction with the way that trade agreements are made, partly stemming from a belief that current procedures put developing countries at a disadvantage. This is particularly important, given the increasing role that such trade agreements have in our societies. They define a wide set of rights and obligations, yet they are arrived at in a manner that is distinctly different from the way in which other kinds of legislation are adopted.


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