Women in Politics

Voices from the Commonwealth

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A collection of profiles of thirty-three women in politics from eleven Commonwealth countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Dominica, Guyana, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, South Africa and Uganda. The profiles illustrate the diversity of experience across the Commonwealth, and highlight the realities of life for many women. The stories these dedicated and courageous women relate sharpen the focus on existing and potential challenges and barriers which face women politicians.

Women in Politics: Voices from the Commonwealth shows that to a large extent the degree of women’s integration into political life depends on the system of values prevalent in a society, and on established political patterns. On another level, it is a study which uses these retold experiences to analyse the different strategies women could develop, refine and adopt to build successful political careers.




Uganda, a landlocked, equatorially located Eastern African nation, gained its independence from British rule in 1962. For centuries prior to colonial conquest, its territory had been a meeting place of different peoples; long settled by Bantu speaking peoples, it saw the arrival of Nilo-Hamitic groups in the seventeenth century and of Arab mercantile settlers in the mid-nineteenth century. British explorers, the first Europeans to reach the area, crossed the Buganda kingdom in the 1860s.


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