Gender Budgets Make Cents

Understanding Gender Responsive Budgets

image of Gender Budgets Make Cents
A gender responsive budget (GRB) is one which takes into consideration the effect of government revenue and expenditure policies on both women and men. This publication provides a comprehensive understanding of GRB initiatives and will be invaluable to governments, NGOs, donors and other agencies working to integrate a gender analysis into public expenditure policies and budgets.

Divided into four sections, the book provides a conceptual and theoretical framework, traces the evolution of work in this area, assesses the role of different stakeholders and highlights lessons learned to date. A profile of known activities at country level shows how gender responsive budgets have been used as a pivotal tool with which to assess budgetary performance and impact.




The involvement of Commonwealth countries in gender responsive budgets is both long and substantial: it began with Australia in 1984 and spread to Canada and South Africa i n 1993 and 1994, respectively. The Commonwealth Secretariat's programme began in 1995 and since then nearly half of the forty known country initiatives on gender responsive budgets are in the Commonwealth. The issue has been discussed i n depth at the Fifth and Sixth Meetings of Commonwealth Ministers Responsible for Women's Affairs and it was on the agenda of the September 2001 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting which, like a number of other international meetings, was cancelled following the tragic events in the USA.


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