From Tragedy Towards Hope

Men, Women and the AIDS Epidemic

image of From Tragedy Towards Hope

This book tells the real life stories of men and women who live with the HIV/AIDS virus and have triumphed over it. It describes the impact of the virus on people and communities, and the initiatives taken by UNAIDS and the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). It delves into the myths and rituals that surround women, sex and sexuality, and helps readers understand the human consequences of the epidemic for those affected, their families, communities and society at large.



On Track to Dwarf every Catastrophe

Not too long ago, in early 1997, I was working closely with the United Nations Development Programme and the National AIDS Programme of Nepal. The number of AIDS cases written in white chalk on a small blackboard in the room of the Director of the National AIDS Programme was 546. I remember the light-hearted laugh of the Director as he commented, ‘Ms Nath, HIV/AIDS is just one bus accident for us.


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