Cost Effectiveness of Primary Health Care

A Review of Evidence

image of Cost Effectiveness of Primary Health Care



Policy Issues

The number of economic evaluations carried out in any one country is usually too small for outside observers to draw detailed conclusions on the value of investment in PHC as against investment in other areas of the health sector, though countries themselves can usually go some way towards assessing this issue by examining the relative costs of different interventions, even if they have little data on effects or benefits. Because international and national health policy makers over the last few years have been requiring evidence on the value of investment in PHC programmes and particular PHC activities, a number of reviews have been undertaken which attempt to synthesize the results of studies performed in a number of countries (Gwatkin et al, 1980; Grosse and Plessas, 1979; Phillips et al, 1985, Barlow and Grobar, 1986; Cochrane and Zachariah, 1983; Applied Communication Technology, 1985).


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