Maldives People's Majlis Election, 22 March 2014

image of Maldives People's Majlis Election, 22 March 2014

The report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for Maldives parliamentary election held on 22 March 2014. The Group was chaired by Bruce Golding, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, and was comprised of 7 members in total.

The Commonwealth Observer Group found that the polls were well organised and well managed, with all stakeholders playing their respective roles in ensuring that polling was peaceful and credible. However, the group was concerned by the Supreme Court's declared dismissal of the chair and vice chair of the Election Commission for contempt of court, which undermined the separation of powers provided for in the Maldivian constitution, as well as reports of widespread vote buying and the lack of effective regulation of campaign financing.



Election Campaign and Media

In total, 302 candidates contested 85 seats in the People’s Majlis elections, with 188 candidates representing a political party, and 114 independent candidates contesting in 61 constituencies. The six parties fielding candidates in the election were Adhaalath Party (contesting 12 seats), DRP (6 seats), Jumhooree Party (28 seats), MDA (7 seats), MDP (85 seats) and PPM (50 seats). As members of the Progressive Coalition, PPM, Jumhooree and MDA agreed to distribute the 85 seats among themselves so that there was only one coalition candidate contesting each seat. However, some independent candidates were reportedly unofficially connected to other Progressive Coalition parties. Adhaalath party was unable to reach agreement with the Progressive Coalition regarding joining this arrangement.


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