From Problem to Solution

Commonwealth Strategies for Reform

image of From Problem to Solution

This book develops a framework for productive public service reforms, based on successful innovations and practical strategies developed and implemented across the Commonwealth. The first section highlights the pressures Commonwealth countries face. The following sections draw out common strategic approaches and provide a framework of practical solutions. The final section identifies critical challenges which must be addressed to sustain public service reform and underpin accountable administration for just and honest government.



Strategy 3 Re-Orienting the Organisational Culture

Reforming the public service does not stop at restructuring the organisational environment within which public servants operate. Although this is essential, there is a limit to the gains that are to be achieved through improved structures and increasingly formalised expectations. Strategies for reform must ensure that public servants are self-motivated by a new set of values and assumptions, and most crucially that their own aspirations coincide with organisational goals.


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