From Problem to Solution

Commonwealth Strategies for Reform

image of From Problem to Solution

This book develops a framework for productive public service reforms, based on successful innovations and practical strategies developed and implemented across the Commonwealth. The first section highlights the pressures Commonwealth countries face. The following sections draw out common strategic approaches and provide a framework of practical solutions. The final section identifies critical challenges which must be addressed to sustain public service reform and underpin accountable administration for just and honest government.



Re-Defining the Problem the Changing Role of Government

Traditionally, the shortcomings of the public service have been seen as organisational problems capable of solution by appropriate applications of political will, powerful ideas, and managerial determination. Recent years have seen a new problem identified - government itself It has been argued with increasing force that it is the over-ambitious scale of government, seeking to intervene and provide services in areas where it has no proven track record of success, that is the problem.


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