Electronic Governance and Electronic Democracy

Living and Working in the Wired World

image of Electronic Governance and Electronic Democracy

This book discusses: tools of electronic delivery of government services; modernizing government; E-citizen, E-business, E-government; applying knowledge management principles; becoming a wired nation; community access; lifelong learning; smart communities; cyberlaws and regulations; inter-agency co-ordination; electronic benefit transfer; web interactive network of government services; electronic democracy and the changing face of democracy; access, empowerment, governance in a wired world; advocacy on-line; tools; the lessons of experience. Includes case studies from Great Britain, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.



The United States of america: Electronic Government Within the World's Largest Internet Economy

Of all knowledge-based economies, the United States, in most respects, should be best able to take advantage of on-line government services delivery and electronic governance. OECD data indicates that, in addition to being the world's most technologically advanced country with the strongest economy, the US dwarfs other G7 countries in both personal computer use and Internet use.


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