Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

Sixth Judicial Colloquium on the Domestic Application of International Human Rights Norms: Bloemfontein, South Africa, 3–5 September 1993

image of Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

One of an eightvolume series recording the development of international jurisprudence in human rights issues and, in particular, the domestic application of international human rights norms.



Freedom of Expression

At the outset some fashionable fallacies need to be dispelled. Freedom of expression is not an exclusive western value nor is it a luxury of the affluent. Thanks to the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression and the freedom of the press in India, numerous under-trial prisoners languishing for years in jails, several inmates of asylums and care homes, labourers working under horribly unhygienic conditions in stone quarries and brick kilns and countless children forced into hazardous employments, have obtained some ameliorative relief and were not consigned to the oblivion.


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