Designing Performance Appraisals

Assessing Needs and Designing Performance Management Systems in the Public Sector

image of Designing Performance Appraisals

Many organisations in public service are under pressure to improve their performance and achieve set goals and objectives. Through case studies in Barbados, Samoa and Tonga this book shows how to measure performance in the delivery of service to the public. It shows how to conduct a needs assessment in the ministries, how to design an appropriate appraisal system, how to train the people who will be using it, and how to integrate it into the public service machinery.



Institutionalisation of the performance management system

A successful performance management system will be an integral part of the fabric of the organisation. It will translate organisational objectives into tasks, outputs and outcomes. It will increase understanding and co-operation between employees and management. Management decision-making and resource allocation will be informed by training needs identified and performance appraisal outcomes generated by the system. Employees will enjoy greater clarity of role and task expectation, supervisor support and fairer performance reward.


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