Breaking The Digital Divide

Implications For Developing Countries

image of Breaking The Digital Divide
This book presents the results of an extensive study of the digital divide, the growth of the internet, online education, health informatics, the net and the economy, regulation of the internet and much more. It is well researched, informative and authoritative. Individuals, organisations and governments with a specialist interest in the transition to an information society and/or knowledge economy will find this book timely.

Published with SFI Publishing.



Introducing the Digital Divide

The Internet has to date been one of the most extraordinary human creations and even may be one single most important inheritance of the 20th Century. It had never been imagined before the invention of the Internet that it would become a simple reality to communicate directly with millions of men and women at practically any location on Earth and beyond; nor was it imaginable that it would become a manifested reality to exchange information, documents, opinions with the rapidity and the kind of freedom that are typical of on-line communication.


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