Better Information Practices

Improving Records and Information Management in the Public Service

image of Better Information Practices

This book shares best practice in the design of better record management systems (including developing a Retention Schedule); shows a manual used by ministries and departments as an example and formulates guidelines for using a schedule and indexing.



Records Centre Operations

A records centre is a central facility designated to store semi-current records for the duration of their retention period. The primary function of a records centre is to serve as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to storing semi-current records in agency offices or storage areas, where the cost of storage space may be relatively high. Best records management practice favours centralised storage of semi-current records in records centres to realise cost savings through economies of scale, to eliminate the need for each public service agency to relocate its semi-current storage with each office move or agency reorganisation, and to prevent the accumulation of abandoned semi-current records in storage areas for which no public service agency takes on-going responsibility.


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