1990 Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Officials

Auckland, New Zealand, 19 April 1990 and Christchurch, New Zealand, 23–27 April 1990: Memoranda Part 1

image of 1990 Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Officials



LMN(90)3 International Action Against Drug Trafficking: Trends in United Kingdom Law and Practice Throughout the 1980s

During the 1980s the issue of how best to combat the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotrophic substances has come to occupy a central position in the international political agenda. That it has done so is not merely a result of the escalating nature of the problem but is also a reflection of an enhanced understanding of its negative social impact, its implications for domestic political stability and its distortive effects on economies. Indeed, it is clear from recent events in Central America that, in extreme circumstances, the drugs trade can indirectly threaten the maintenance of international peace and security itself.


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