Training of Trainers in Science and Technology Education

African Edition

image of Training of Trainers in Science and Technology Education

This collection of monographs provides useful information for educational administrators on the recruitment and training of science and technology teacher educators. It is also a valuable resource for science and technology teacher educators. It aims to improve their pedagogical skills and provides strategies for working with their trainees. Effective delivery of science and technology education requires co-ordination at different levels. These monographs provide guidelines and practical suggestions on achieving co-ordination, both at the teacher training institution and at school level. They were produced by experienced science educators of the region.



Evaluation in science and technology education

Evaluation is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Through systematic evaluation procedures science and technology teacher educators can measure the progress of pre-service and in-service teacher trainees in attaining the objectives of teaching programmes. Evaluation also enables teacher educators to measure the effectiveness of their own teaching strategies and methods.


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