Managing Finance and External Relations in South African Schools

image of Managing Finance and External Relations in South African Schools

The central purpose of this book is to consider the concepts and principles of the important areas of educational leadership signalled by Nelson Mandela. The aim is to develop improved understanding and practice of the management of external relations and resources in schools. The text is on theory and research and uses South African case examples and activities to encourage reflection and personal development. It is aimed particularly, but not exclusively, at those who lead and manage in schools or support them in a professional role. The authors are experts in the field of educational leadership and management.



Working with the Government in Education

Working with government presents challenges for schools worldwide, as evidenced in the literature on the subject (see, for example, Bush et al, 1993; Caldwell and Spinks, 1998; Foreman, 1999). Among these challenges is the tension that sometimes exists between policy makers and practitioners of school education, for example: on what should be included in the curriculum and how it should be taught. Furthermore, school professionals may be expected to implement policies to which they are opposed, and this can cause them to resist change. Added to these are governmental expectations for rapid results compared with “the sheer length of time needed to achieve significant change” (Foreman, 1999, p 68). Such expectations ignore the complexity of the change process and the need for a “two-way relationship of pressure, support and continuous negotiation” in order to successfully implement the desired change (Fullan, 1993, in Foreman, op cit). In addition, there is yet another challenge for schools in what can appear to be the contradictions between the diversity that characterises the increasing local management of schools on the one hand and the conformity demanded by concurrent centralisation on the other (Foreman, 1999, pp 68-9).


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