Managing Finance and External Relations in South African Schools

image of Managing Finance and External Relations in South African Schools

The central purpose of this book is to consider the concepts and principles of the important areas of educational leadership signalled by Nelson Mandela. The aim is to develop improved understanding and practice of the management of external relations and resources in schools. The text is on theory and research and uses South African case examples and activities to encourage reflection and personal development. It is aimed particularly, but not exclusively, at those who lead and manage in schools or support them in a professional role. The authors are experts in the field of educational leadership and management.



Working with the Community

Around the globe governments are waking up to the fact that improvements in education cannot be secured by the action of educational policy makers and professionals alone. Schools are “inextricably linked to their communities” (Carrim and Shalem, 1999, p 16), and solutions lie not in unsustainable top-down reform but in securing commitment and partnership with the range of stakeholders that make up a community. The World Conference on Education for All issued a declaration that: New and revitalised partnerships at all levels will be necessary…. Genuine partnerships contribute to the planning, implementation, managing and evaluating of basic education programmes. When we speak of ‘an expanded vision and renewed commitment’, partnerships are at the heart of it. (Bray, 2000, p 6)


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