Educational Planning and Management in Small States

Concepts and Experiences

image of Educational Planning and Management in Small States
This book presents the critical reflections of eighteen senior working officials working in twelve small states on the management and planning of education. Their comments are driven by the insights they gained as adult participants in a unique postgraduate programme at the University of Malta devised by, and for, the distinct smallscale imagination.

The first part of the book deals with educational management issues, addressing the education process from an internal operational perspective. (Total Quality Management, staff recruitment and appraisal, job satisfaction, stress management and the multifunctionality of incumbents are key considerations.) The second section looks at educational planning. It considers the influence and role of educational planning in general, and looks at particular challenges to teaching staff, schoolbusiness linkages, and those presented by primary, secondary, vocational and adult education.

The editors of this book are both academic members of staff at the University of Malta.



Rewards and Tribulations of Senior Education Managers in Small States

Senior public officials in small states play a crucial role in the educational, economic, social and political development of their countries, and it is essential for those involved to understand the factors that condition the work of this small but highly influential group. It is important for senior officials in small states and their political bosses to understand that they all work under conditions that are significantly different from those of their colleagues in larger states, even when official titles and job specifications are identical. Their work environment deserves customised understanding and demands special treatment.


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