Commonwealth Day Handbook for Schools

image of Commonwealth Day Handbook for Schools
Commonwealth Day Since 1977, schools all over the Commonwealth have organised special activities on Commonwealth Day designed to enhance understanding of the Commonwealth and to provide shared enjoyment. The date of the second Monday in March was chosen deliberately so that schools in virtually every Commonwealth country could take part in the observances and celebrations.

The Commonwealth Day Handbook

• builds on the initiatives of recent years and proposes a wealth of ideas and projects focused on Commonwealth Day to stimulate interest in the Commonwealth.

• suggests an educational level for each activity, whether infant, junior, lower secondary or upper secondary.

• is intended for all educators who are concerned with teaching about the Commonwealth, whether they are involved in curriculum development or are teachers in secondary, infant or junior schools.

The Handbook takes the approach that Commonwealth Day activities will have greater meaning and value if they form part of longer-term work or take place as the culmination of projects carried out over the previous weeks.



Working together

This section is concerned with the question of how the Commonwealth ‘works’ today: how the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC) operate, and what kinds of development projects both the ‘official’ and the ‘unofficial’ Commonwealth are involved in. It takes the form of information followed by suggested activities, the purpose of which is to translate the various types of work and co-operation to a local level, within the school and the community. These small-scale co-operative or development projects are not specifically Commonwealth activities but are designed to give practical expression to the aims and principles underlying the work of Commonwealth organisations.


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