Achieving Education for All: Pakistan

Promising Practices in Universal Primary Education

image of Achieving Education for All: Pakistan

Despite the enormous challenge of attaining the Education for All and UN Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education by 2015, Pakistan has taken up the challenge, as have many other developing countries of the Commonwealth. In this handbook for education policymakers and practitioners, Pakistani educator Fareeha Zahar has identified and compiled good and promising practices which are working towards the achievement of universal primary education in her country. Policymakers internationally will find that the approaches adopted in Pakistan have much to tell them about how to address similar problems in their own countries.  



Giving for Education

Indigenous philanthropy is an age-old tradition in Pakistan, rooted in the culture and religion of the region. A recent study, conducted by the Aga Khan Foundation, estimates that Rs 70 billion or 2.2 per cent of Pakistan’s GNP is contributed through public giving; according to the National Survey of Individual Giving, volunteering stands at 58 per cent, one of the highest r ates in the world.


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