Enhancing Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries

image of Enhancing Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries

This publication incorporates the papers and proceedings of a Banking and Financial Services Symposium held in London in July 2002 on Enhancing Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries in the New International Context. Organised in conjunction with the World Bank and the Commonwealth Business Council, its aim was to promote an understanding of the developing country and private sector perspectives in attracting private capital flows; the impact of international codes and standards in defining the perception of the private sector and practical issues regarding their implementation; and the new regulatory developments which are likely to impact on the availability of private capital flows.



Crisis Resolution: A Market-based Approach

The report of a conference held on the same theme two years ago spoke of the ‘broad consensus’ that was achieved on ‘some issues’ relating to private sector involvement in crisis resolution ‘at a general level’. I am confident that the report of this conference will speak in less guarded terms. The past two years have seen a deeper and more constructive dialogue between the official and private sectors and – just as important – a narrowing of differences between the various players within the private sector.


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