Economic Management and Planning

Case Studies of Selected Commonwealth Countries

image of Economic Management and Planning
The book presents 11 case studies on economic planning, economic policy reforms, monetary management and tourism development from several developing countries.

The choice of topics and countries has been made primarily for meeting the need of developing appropriate case material for a newly designed international programme on Economic Management and Planning. These cases have been successfully used in more than four international training programmes at IIM, Ahmedabad. They provide useful data and relevant information to generate meaningful debates and discussions among practising senior level government officials working in economic ministries.

The cases demonstrate the extent of similarities in magnitude, nature, causes and intensity of economic problems faced by developing Commonwealth countries. The emphasis in these cases has been more on the processes of planning and decision making than on pure technical aspects. The cases also highlight the issues of decentralisation, environment and ecological concerns.

This publication will be useful to both training organisations and to policy-makers and planners in the developing countries.



Economic Planning in Tanzania - Framework and Possibilities

After independence in 1964, the United Republic of Tanzania consisting of the mainland and Zanzibar had separate plans for the two upto 1981. The Tanzania Mainland implemented three medium term development plans: the first one from 1964-65 to 1968-69, the second one from 1969-70 to 1973-74 and the third one from 1976-77 to 1980-81. These three plans were part of the first long term perspective plan (1964-65 to 1980-81).


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