Contingent Liability Management

A Study on India

image of Contingent Liability Management
The sharp increase in the contingent liabilities of many developing countries in recent years and its possible implications has prompted a rethink in the way governments quantify their financial burdens.

This publication looks at some of the issues germane to the identification, monitoring and valuation of external sector contingent liabilities of India. By focusing mostly on externalsector related contingent liabilities that involve possible financial transactions with nonresidents, the document defines a framework for use in quantifying contingent liabilities, which can be adapted to other countries.

This publication is the second in a series produced by the Commonwealth Secretariat on debt and debt related issues.



Contingent Liabilities Relating to the Government of India's Guarantees on External Debt

Direct explicit liabilities comprise the direct borrowing (either internal or external) by the central government to finance the budgetary gap. Internal liabilities include bonds, securities, and Treasury bills issued by the government. External liabilities include loans taken from multilateral financial organisations and bilateral countries.


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