Commodity Prices, Aid and Debt

Implications for LDCs, Small Vulnerable States and HIPCs

image of Commodity Prices, Aid and Debt

This study reveals the extent of persistent downward trends in commodity prices on least developed countries (LDCs), small vulnerable states (SVSs) and heavily indebted countries (HIPCs) and proposes a Joint Diversification Scheme exclusively for export diversification schemes in the commoditydependent poor countries. The report also proposes and outlines the establishment of a Joint Diversification Fund, in addition to regular aid flows as a longterm solution.



Long-run Trend in the Relative Price: Empirical Estimation for Individual Commodities

In this chapter we estimate the trend growth rate in relative prices by individual commodities. Most studies consider the aggregate or composite relative price index in order to examine the validity of the PS hypothesis. However, individual commodity prices rather than the composite price index are more important for countries in ascertaining their problems or prospects related to export earnings and balance of payments emanating from trends in commodity prices.


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