Development and Democracy

Report of the Commonwealth Secretary-General 2003

image of Development and Democracy

This report of the Commonwealth Secretary-General covers the period 1 July 2001 to 30 June 2003. It describes the work of the Commonwealth association of 54 member countries, and more specifically the activities and achievements of the Commonwealth Secretariat, the association's principal intergovernmental organisation. The Foreword by Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon presents a personal view of the progress of the Commonwealth over that period. The report is presented to Commonwealth Heads of Government before their biennial summit.



Supporting public sector reform

Efficient public services are essential for good governance and development, and the Commonwealth Secretariat provides a range of targeted technical assistance services to support member countries' efforts to reform their public sectors. These technical assistance services offer a combination of continuity and change: they respond to the short-term needs of Commonwealth countries, and sustain the longer term restructuring of their public sectors.


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