A Review

image of Mangoes
Mango is a tropical crop whose economic utilisation could be greatly improved. This fruit represents a great proportion of the agricultural production of many developing countries and is in increasing demand in western countries. The development of a sea transportation system that could provide fruit of a consistently high quality would help to realise the potential of this commodity. This requires research and development of pre- and post-harvest technologies to improve yield, quality, disease control and fruit storage.

In this volume, research carried out worldwide concerning mangoes is presented as a series of comprehensive reviews.

This volume represents the collection of review papers presented at the Commonwealth Science Council's Meeting on Development of the Caribbean Mango Industry in Dominica in March 1987.



Ripening in Mango Fruit and Its Manipulation by Low Temperature

The development of technologies to manipulate the postharvest behaviour of fresh fruit and vegetables has come from studying the effect of various postharvest storage treatments on specific commodities under controlled conditions. Storage technology refers to the postharvest treatments which extend the shelf-life of a product by delaying the onset and progress of its senescence and ultimate death (58). For climacteric fruit, storage involves some kind of manipulation of postharvest ripening.


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