The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries

Workshop Proceedings

image of The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries

Rebuilding fisheries is a key challenge for many countries as some stocks are in a poor state while others are depleted.  In May 2009, economists, biologists, fisheries managers and policy makers participated in an OECD Workshop on the Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries. The workshop was designed to identify and analyse economic uncertainties, policy issues, biological conditions and information constraints, and to review the role of key players in program delivery. This conference proceedings presents an overview of the major economic and institutional issues associated with rebuilding fisheries and provides examples of national and international initiatives.


Setting allowable catch levels within a stock rebuilding plan

The essence of a stock rebuilding plan can be summarized in a harvest control rule that specifies the level of harvest that is to be permitted at each stock size over the relevant range from the current size to the target stock size, XTAR. The selection of an appropriate control rule is a policy decision based upon, among other things, tradeoffs between present and future benefits and the desired time in which to achieve XTAR. While the selection of the control rule is a critical part of building a successful SRP, the analysis here will focus on the implementation of the control rule taking into account that the information used to generate the control rule may not accurately capture the population dynamics of the fish stock, due to the limited ability to describe stock characteristics and project stock conditions. The purpose is to develop an analytical probabilistic framework to consider how the control rule harvest level can be modified to address the possible weaknesses in the construction of use of harvest control rules.


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