The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries

Workshop Proceedings

image of The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries

Rebuilding fisheries is a key challenge for many countries as some stocks are in a poor state while others are depleted.  In May 2009, economists, biologists, fisheries managers and policy makers participated in an OECD Workshop on the Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries. The workshop was designed to identify and analyse economic uncertainties, policy issues, biological conditions and information constraints, and to review the role of key players in program delivery. This conference proceedings presents an overview of the major economic and institutional issues associated with rebuilding fisheries and provides examples of national and international initiatives.



Harvest strategy policy and stock rebuilding for commonwealth fisheries in Australia

In response to sustainability concerns the then Australian Government Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation issued a Ministerial Direction to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority to recover overfished stocks, develop a world’s best practice harvest strategy policy for Commonwealth fisheries, and investigate the use of individual transferable quotas. To meet the requirements of the Ministerial Direction it was recognised that changes to management arrangements would be significant and that the benefits arising from these changes would need to be long lasting. To adjust to this new operating environment, the Australian Government announced the ‘Securing our Fishing Future’ package at the end of 2005. The package comprised a one-off structural adjustment package and a series of new management measures.


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