Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries 2008: Policies and Summary Statistics

image of Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries 2008: Policies and Summary Statistics

This publication describes major developments affecting fisheries in OECD countries in 2004, 2005 and 2006, including changes in national and international policies, trade, and fisheries and aquaculture production. This edition contains a special chapter on Foreign Direct Investment in OECD fisheries.



Russian Federation

The total Russian marine catch in 2003 amounted to 3.3 million mt, about the same as in 2002. Most of the catch came from the Russian EEZ (approximately 64%), while 14% came from the 200 mile zones of foreign countries, 10% from the open ocean areas outside of 200 mile limits, 7% from inland waters and 5% from freshwater basins. This amount of catch is still well below historic levels of 7 million mt in 1991.

In 2004, the Russian fleet was comprised of 3 073 vessels, of which there were 2 574 fishing vessels, 54 processing vessels, 406 freezer vessels and 39 other transport vessels. Of the 2 574 fishing vessels, 17% were large vessels (over 64 metres length overall (LOA)), 51% medium-sized (34-65 m LOA) and 32% were small vessels (24-34 metres LOA). At present, the fishing fleet is characterized by a significant number of physically worn-out and obsolete vessels. It is estimated that about 63% of total vessels are beyond the exploitation time norms for the vessel.


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