Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries 2008: Policies and Summary Statistics

image of Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries 2008: Policies and Summary Statistics

This publication describes major developments affecting fisheries in OECD countries in 2004, 2005 and 2006, including changes in national and international policies, trade, and fisheries and aquaculture production. This edition contains a special chapter on Foreign Direct Investment in OECD fisheries.




Fisheries management at the national level is the responsibility of the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Department of Fisheries directly supervises the work of the three Regional Sea Fisheries Inspectorates in Gdynia, Slupsk and Szczecin.

Polish marine catches in 2005 totalled 136 300 metric tonnes (mt), a decrease of 37 300 mt (21.6%) over the previous year. This was the result of a decrease in Baltic Sea catches (19%). Of the species of fish and marine animals caught by Polish fisheries in 2005, sprat was the most common and comprised 54.5% of total catches.

In 2005, an estimated 27 000 people were employed in the fisheries sector. This figure is lower by 1 300, in comparison with 2004. A loss of 900 jobs was seen in fishing companies, 100 in trade and 850 in the coastal fishery. There has been an increase of 600 jobs in the processing sector. Although there is no data regarding inland fisheries employment, it is estimated that 4 600 people work in this sector.


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