Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2003

image of Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2003

This publication describes major developments affecting fisheries in OECD countries, including changes in government policies, trade, and fisheries and aquaculture production. This edition contains a special chapter on economic and social sustainability indicators for fisheries.

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Special Chapter on Economic and Social Sustainability Indicators for Fisheries

Measurement of progress towards sustainable development goals has become an increasingly important policy focus in recent years. In the fisheries sector, the use of  environmental indicators in the development of fisheries assessments and management plans has been standard practice in most OECD countries for many years. However, relatively little attention has been paid to the development of economic and social indicators that serve to assess progress on other aspects of sustainable development. In this report, a review is provided of recent developments by OECD countries and international organisations on social and economic indicators, together with a survey of the key conceptual and practical issues involved in their use at the international, national and local level...

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