Rebuilding Fisheries

The Way Forward

image of Rebuilding Fisheries

Many fisheries around the world are characterised by excessive fishing effort, low productivity and inadequate profitability.  Considerable benefits can be made from rebuilding such fisheries.  This publication analyses the issues and challenges governments face as they develop and implement plans to rebuild fisheries.  The focus is on the economic and institutional issues and builds on evidence from OECD fisheries.

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Principles and guidelines on rebuilding fisheries

Rebuilding fisheries is an urgent task which is high on the international policy agenda. The OECD Committee for Fisheries decided to contribute to rebuilding efforts by providing an analysis of the main policy issues and challenges. The focus is on “rebuilding fisheries”, which is a broader approach than “rebuilding fish stocks” and encompasses the social, economic and environmental dimensions of fisheries. The outcome of this project is a set of principles and guidelines that can assist policy makers in their efforts to make fisheries successful. These principles and guidelines aim to ensure that rebuilding plans are examples of good governance which implies inclusiveness, empowerment, transparency, and flexibility underpinned by predictable rules and processes.

English Also available in: French

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