Rebuilding Fisheries

The Way Forward

image of Rebuilding Fisheries

Many fisheries around the world are characterised by excessive fishing effort, low productivity and inadequate profitability.  Considerable benefits can be made from rebuilding such fisheries.  This publication analyses the issues and challenges governments face as they develop and implement plans to rebuild fisheries.  The focus is on the economic and institutional issues and builds on evidence from OECD fisheries.

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National and international approaches to rebuilding fisheries

A synthesis

This analysis is based on an inventory of national and international policies that guide rebuilding programmes. The inventory provides a comprehensive overview of rebuilding policies and helps in sharing information on different policy frameworks and approaches. The analysis highlights the challenges in managing international fisheries and provides valuable insights for policy makers. The role of stakeholders is of central importance. Coherence across legislative provisions and policy tools is essential, especially as it builds trust among stakeholders. Incoherence across policies applied in the fisheries sector undermines policy objectives and is counterproductive. In the same way, it is important to plan early in a post-rebuilding management strategy as this will provide certainty for stakeholders. Furthermore, transition mechanisms, including flanking measures, may be needed to obtain and maintain support for necessary reforms.

English Also available in: French

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