Rebuilding Fisheries

The Way Forward

image of Rebuilding Fisheries

Many fisheries around the world are characterised by excessive fishing effort, low productivity and inadequate profitability.  Considerable benefits can be made from rebuilding such fisheries.  This publication analyses the issues and challenges governments face as they develop and implement plans to rebuild fisheries.  The focus is on the economic and institutional issues and builds on evidence from OECD fisheries.

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Making reforms happen in fisheries

This study shows that rebuilding fisheries often calls for reforms in fisheries policies and sometimes a change in the fisheries management framework. Previous OECD work has provided avenues for successful reforms, including the necessity to obtain stakeholders agreement on the status of the fishery and the objectives of the rebuilding plan. Stakeholder involvement is crucial as they may provide important inputs into the reform process; for example, by providing information about risks and uncertainties. The objectives of the reforms must be realistic and attainable. If not, the reforms will lack credibility and result in a low chance of success. OECD work shows that rights-based fisheries management measures have often been successful in rebuilding fisheries. Such rights can create the incentives for stakeholders to have vested interests in rebuilding fisheries.

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