OECD Review of Fisheries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2015

image of OECD Review of Fisheries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2015

The OECD Review of Fisheries provides information on developments in policies and activities in the fishing and aquaculture sectors of OECD countries and participating economies, mainly for the period 2012-13. This year’s edition includes Argentina, the People's Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia and Latvia.

Part I overviews the activities in the sector and includes a chapter containing two-page snapshots outlining country summary statistics and key developments in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Additional country-level data and detail on institutional and policy backgrounds, based on contributions by participating countries and economies, are provided in the electronic version of this report.

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The present Icelandic management system is built on individual transferrable quotas (ITQ) issued to vessels. The Minister for Fisheries receives advice from the Marine Research Institute (MRI) and consequently issues total allowable catch (TAC) for individual stocks for the fishing year, which runs from 1 September to 31 August the following year. The size of each vessels annual catch quota for each stock is its share in the stock multiplied by the TAC of that stock. Both the permanent quota-shares and the annual catch quotas are transferable in part or total, subject to certain restrictions.

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