OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Colombia 2015

image of OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Colombia 2015

This review assesses the performance of Colombian agriculture over the last two decades, evaluates Colombian agricultural policy reforms and provides recommendations to address key challenges in the future. The evaluation is based on the approach that agriculture policy should be evidence-based and carefully designed and implemented to support productivity, competitiveness and sustainability, while avoiding unnecessary distortions to production decisions and to trade. The report includes a special chapter focusing on agricultural innovation.

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Evaluation of Colombia's support to agriculture

This chapter examines the support provided to agricultural producers in Colombia for the period 1992-2013. The Producer Support Estimate (PSE) components – market price support and budgetary transfers – are calculated for 1992-2013. The chapter looks at the evolution of producer support over this period in parallel to an analysis of general services provided for the agricultural sector, such as infrastructure, agricultural knowledge and agricultural knowledge transfer, or farm restructuring. Colombia’s %PSE for the period 2011-13 is estimated at 19%, ranking slightly above the OECD average (18%) and indicating that almost a fifth of gross receipts of agricultural producers is generated by support policies. This support has not substantially changed during the period covered. Market price support (MPS) has been the main component of producer support, accounting for 81% of the PSE in 2011-13. The analysis identifies the support provided to individual crops and livestock products, contributing to 76% of the value of agricultural production, including coffee, rice, maize, poultry, sugar, milk, beef and pigmeat.




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