OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Colombia 2015

image of OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Colombia 2015

This review assesses the performance of Colombian agriculture over the last two decades, evaluates Colombian agricultural policy reforms and provides recommendations to address key challenges in the future. The evaluation is based on the approach that agriculture policy should be evidence-based and carefully designed and implemented to support productivity, competitiveness and sustainability, while avoiding unnecessary distortions to production decisions and to trade. The report includes a special chapter focusing on agricultural innovation.

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Agricultural policy framework in Colombia

This chapter examines the agricultural policy framework in Colombia since 1990. It first looks at the main priorities of agricultural and rural development policy concern over the past 20 years. The chapter then provides a description of the sector’s institutional arrangements at central and local levels, as well as of the capacity and reach of entities that are affiliated and linked to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR). The chapter looks at the roles that MADR and its related entities, as well as other Ministries, have in developing and implementing policy instruments to achieve stated objectives. It also presents the main producer associations in Colombia and their interaction with the governmental entities. The institutional framework for designing and implementing agricultural policies appears rather complex which increments the risk of overlapping activities particularly in the context of limited co-ordination between entities.



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